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"I'll teach you the skills that make up the entire Product Management job and process: from ideation to market research to UX wireframing to prototyping, technology, metrics, and finally to building the product with user stories, project management, scoping, and leadership." Sandra Naidich

About this track

What is this track about?

This track will prepare you for all major areas a product manager is responsible for and ace product management interviews. This is not a traditional online training course. It is a track that is composed of a series of videos, tasks and readings to make you 100% ready to answer any interview question confidently, impress your interviewer and land your PM job. Whether you are a beginner PM looking for your first role or a veteran looking for a promotion or a more exciting position, this track is for you.

What are you going to learn?

  1. What is a Product Manager?

  2. Problem Validation & Definition

  3. Good Interview Questions

  4. Customer Pain Points & Insights

  5. Finding Interviewees

  6. Customer Surveys

  7. Customer Validation

  8. Personas

  9. Product / Market fit

  10. Market Sizing

  11. Competitive Analysis

  12. Feature Prioritization

  13. Storytelling

  14. Scenarios & Storyboarding

  15. Wireframing

  16. Prototyping

  17. Risk & Assumptions

  18. The Product Roadmap

  19. Product Goals

  20. Metrics & KPIs

  21. The AARRR & HEART Frameworks

  22. Usability Testing & A/B testing

  23. MVP

  24. Overview of software development and tech for PMs

  25. Introduction to Agile (link to Scrum track)

  26. Requirements

  27. User Stories & Acceptance Criteria

  28. Working with your engineering team

  29. SQL overview for PMs

  30. Stakeholder Management Techniques

  31. Brainstorming

  32. Prepare your PM resume

  33. How to start networking

  34. Interview Prep

Who is this track for?

  1. Founders looking to get a better handle on the intricacies of managing their product

  2. Students and career changers starting a career in product management

  3. Engineers and project managers transitioning to a role in Product.

Track at a glance

Lessons 34
Commitment 12 hours of study
Language English
Mentor Response Time 4 Hrs.
Student Reviews (51)


  • Video Lesson 1: What Is A Product Manager?
  • Video Lesson 2: Problem Validation & Definition
  • Video Lesson 3: Developing Good Customer Interview Questions
  • Article Lesson 4: How To Focus On Customer Pain Points And Insights From Your Interviews
  • Article Lesson 5: How To Find Customers To Talk To
  • Video Lesson 6: How To Structure A Survey
  • Video Lesson 7: Customer Validation
  • Video Lesson 8: Personas
  • Video Lesson 9: Product / Market Fit
  • Video Lesson 10: Market Sizing
  • Video Lesson 11: Competitive Analysis
  • Video Lesson 12: Feature Prioritization
  • External Resource Lesson 13: Storytelling
  • Article Lesson 14: Storyboards & Scenarios
  • Video Lesson 15: Wireframing
  • Video Lesson 16: Prototyping
  • Video Lesson 17: Risks & Assumptions
  • Video Lesson 18: The Product Roadmap
  • Article Lesson 19: Product Goals
  • Video Lesson 20: KPIs & Metrics
  • Video Lesson 21: The AARRR & HEART Frameworks
  • Video Lesson 22: Usability Testing & A/B Testing
  • Video Lesson 23: MVP
  • Video Lesson 24: Overview of Software Development for PMs
  • Article Lesson 25: Introduction To Agile
  • Video Lesson 26: Writing Requirements
  • Video Lesson 27: Writing User Stories
  • Video Lesson 28: Working With Your Engineering Team
  • Video Lesson 29: SQL Overview For PMs
  • Video Lesson 30: Stakeholder Management
  • Video Lesson 31: Brainstorming
  • Article Lesson 32: Preparing Your PM Resume
  • Video Lesson 33: Networking
  • Video Lesson 34: Preparing For Your Inerview

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