Business Analyst Interview Questions

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"I'll teach you all the Business Analysis fundamentals. From stakeholders analysis to eliciting requirements, SDLC methodologies and creating very efficient BRDs. I'll also walk you through Project Management and SQL concepts to accelerate your BA career and make you ready to ace interview rounds and land your BA job." Mohamed Elgendy

About this track

About me:

Hi, my name is Mohamed Elgendy. I'm the author of Deep Learning for Vision Systems  book. I'm currently heading the engineering efforts at Synapse,  a leading AI company that builds proprietary computer vision applications to detect threats at security checkpoints worldwide. 


What is this track about?

This track will prepare you to ace business analysis interview rounds. This is not a traditional online training course. It is a track that is composed of a series of videos, tasks and readings to make you 100% ready to answer any interview question confidently, impress your interviewer and land your BA job. Whether you are a beginner BA looking for your first BA role or a veteran BA looking for a promotion or a more exciting role, this track is for you.

What are you going to learn?

  • Overview of the business analyst role, tasks and deliverables
  • What is SDLC?
  • What is Waterfall and Agile?
  • UML Diagrams
  • Project Management for business analysts
  • SQL for business analysts
  • BA tools and templates
  • Sample BA resume that grabs the recruiters' attention and help you standout from all other applicants
  • Most common interview questions
  • Interview cheat sheets
  • 1-on-1 mock up interviews with a mentor
  • How to apply for jobs

Track at a glance

Lessons 26
Commitment 5 hours of study
Language English
Mentor Response Time 5 Hrs.
Student Reviews (1821)


  • Video Lesson 1: What does the BA do?
  • Video Lesson 2: What did you do in your last project?
  • Video Lesson 3: Importance of Requirements Elicitation
  • Video Lesson 4: What is a Requirement?
  • Video Lesson 5: Requirements Elicitation Techniques
  • Video Lesson 6: Preparing for Requirements Elicitation
  • Readings/Downloads Lesson 7: How to select the most suitable elicitation technique
  • Video Lesson 8: How to Categorize Your Requirements
  • Readings/Downloads Lesson 9: Business Analyst Deliverables
  • Video Lesson 10: BRD Components
  • Video Lesson 11: Understand SDLC
  • Video Lesson 12: Waterfall Methodology
  • Video Lesson 13: Agile/Scrum Methodology
  • Video Lesson 14: UML Diagrams - Process Modeling
  • Video Lesson 15: Create a Use Case Diagram
  • Readings/Downloads Lesson 16: How to Write a Clear User Story
  • Video Lesson 17: Intro to Project Management
  • Video Lesson 18: Introduction to SQL
  • Video Lesson 19: Project Charter. What? Why and How?
  • Readings/Downloads Lesson 20: Business Analyst Tools
  • Video Lesson 21: BA Deliverables Templates
  • Readings/Downloads Lesson 22: Common BA Interview Questions
  • Readings/Downloads Lesson 23: Sample BA Resume
  • Video Lesson 24: General Interview Tips
  • Video Lesson 25: Further Readings
  • Video Lesson 26: Download Cheat Sheets
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